Remote Control (Video)

First attempts at remote control over WiFi. I still have to connect to the drone via ssh and start server manually, but I wanted to see if the general concept of controlling the drone from laptop is going to work. There is not much there. I can turn the drone on and off and adjust throttle.

Drone reports telemetry data back to the remote. For now it’s only individual motor speeds (which are identical at the moment) and time for flight control loop. I wanted to see the timings to be able to tell if Pi 2 is able to go though the calculations quickly enough to be able to keep the drone flying.

So far, it looks good. However, not all the math is there yet and there are no sensors to read. Who knows how much of a delay IMU readings will introduce. At the moment the code is able to complete in under 0.001 of a second. Which should be more than enough to control flight. I can’t wait for sensors to get here. It’s the last, and the most important part of the hardware, to complete the drone.

The video is lame, but it gives you an idea of what I have so far.

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